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Oct 20 2016

Fact Check Website in Response to GMO Disinformation Campaign

Biotech claims of GMO safety undercut by widespread contamination, unforeseen mutations and independent research

The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is pushing back against the biotech industry’s disinformation campaign about the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by releasing its expanded GMO Fact Check informational website.

GMO Fact Check refutes common fallacies propagated by the biotech industry. For example, the industry claims that GMO crops can coexist with naturally raised crops, but there is evidence to suggest that GMO crops can, and already have, cross-contaminate with conventional and organic crops. The site also debunks the common myth that current GMO products are not substantially different from traditional crossbreeding techniques used by farmers for generations.

 “Industry giants like Monsanto and Bayer are essentially buying scientists, and are spending untold sums in propaganda and advertising trying to convince the public that GMOs are necessary and safe,” explained ANH-USA Executive and Legal Director Gretchen DuBeau. “However, the scientific literature simply does not support their contentions. GMOs are unnecessary, unsafe, virtually unregulated, and have the potential to destroy our entire agricultural system. Our GMO Fact Check campaign combats the exaggerations, misrepresentations, and outright falsehoods of biotech’s public relations blitz.”

Earlier this year, the biotechnology industry—concerned that state laws would require complete disclosure of genetically engineered (GE) ingredients or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the food we eat—was able to push a toothless and profoundly deceptive “labeling” bill into law.

The new national GMO “labeling” law effectively allows food manufacturers to create their own definition of what constitutes a GE ingredient, and then choose their preferred method of communicating this information to the consumer. “Given that this technology has the potential to contaminate non-GMO crops,” DuBeau said, “we are nearing a point of no return in dealing with GMOs in the food supply. Consumers must have access to accurate information about this technology which, contrary to industry claims, has not been shown to be safe. In fact, animal studies show that GMO crops are causing endocrine system disruptions, birth defects, and even sterility.

“Biotech companies want to convince people that GMOs will save the world,” DuBeau continued, “but this simply isn’t the case—and we have the proof. ANH-USA believes that informed consumers should have the choice to avoid GMOs if they wish, but the new ‘labeling’ law, coupled with Monsanto’s vast disinformation campaign, makes that increasingly difficult. Our GMO Fact Check campaign aims to bring balance to this discussion,” DuBeau concluded.

October is Non-GMO Month, and this is the perfect time for consumers to educate themselves and push back against the forced acceptance of an unproven and potentially disastrous technology. To learn more please visit, and watch our video (below) on the five biggest lies related to GMO foods.