Nov 06 2018

2018 JS Convention Schedule

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Nov 05 2018

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2018 Joint Stockmen’s Convention

December 5 through 8 at the Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque 

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2018 Joint Stockmen’s Convention.   


Hotel Reservation Deadline November 13th

 Call the Sandia Resort & Casino for room reservations 1-877-272-9199

 Ask for the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association or Joint Stockmen rate of $149+ tax

 Room rates are good from December 4 – December 7, 2018

 If you have trouble please call the NMCGA office immediately 505-247-0584

Sep 06 2018

’18 Scholarship & Showmanship

Purina Mills’ Scholarship Deadline & Showmanship Contest Rapidly Approaching

November 5, 2018, is the deadline to apply for the annual scholarships awarded by Purina Mills and the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association’s (NMCGA’s) Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Committee (YCLC).

“We are pleased to be able to offer these scholarships once again, and appreciate Purina Mills and our Allied Industries Committee making it possible,” said Tom Sidwell, NMCGA President, Quay.  “We have some great young people in New Mexico agriculture, and want help them as much as possible as they look to the future.” 

The $1,000 Purina Mills scholarship will be awarded to a New Mexico student who is a member of the NMCGA, the New Mexico Junior Cattle Growers Association, or the child of an NMCGA member.  Graduating high school seniors, and college freshmen, sophomores and juniors in good academic standing are eligible to apply for the award.  In addition, the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Committee and the Allied Industries Committee will also be presenting two $500 scholarships – one to a high school senior and one to a continuing college student – at this same time.

“College can be very expensive for students and their families.  We are pleased to be able to offer these scholarships and encourage all eligible students to apply,” Sidwell said.  “We want to help NMCGA members and their families continue their education and hopefully return to the agriculture business.”

The three scholarships will be presented to the top three applicants during the Joint Stockmen’s Convention slated for December 3rd through December 8th at the Sandia Resort & Casino.

Due to scheduling issues at the New Mexico State Fair, the New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association is unable to hold their annual Junior Showmanship Contest at the Fair.

While this is regrettable, the NMCGA remains committed to their Junior members and arrangements have been made to hold a contest at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair. The contest will be on Thursday, October 4, 2018 in Roswell.  The showmanship will start immediate following the Heifer and Steer Show.  The NMCGA / New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau Calf Scramble will be held that same afternoon/evening.

NMCGA will likely donate the buckles for the Southern New Mexico State Fair Beef Showmanship Contest. More news on that will be available soon.

If you have already sent your entries in for the State Fair, they can either be returned to you, applied to the Eastern contest or applied to your Junior membership dues.

Resources & Forms

Scholarship Application


Sep 04 2018

NMLB Soliciting Producer Input on Bovine Trichomoniasis

NMLB Soliciting Producer Input on Bovine Trichomoniasis

Capitan 9-28-18 1pm Lincoln County Fairgrounds


The New Mexico Livestock Board (NMLB) is holding a series of listening sessions around the state this fall to get input from cattle producers on bovine trichomoniasis, or trich.

“Several months ago, I was approached by a group of producers who felt like we had little control over the disease in some areas and that the program needed to be strengthened,” said Dr. John Wenzel, Extension Veterinarian with New Mexico State University.  “I passed the request on to New Mexico’s State Veterinarian, Dr. Ralph Zimmerman, and he decided to hold a series of listening sessions around the state to solicit producer input.” 

            The first listening session was held in Belen in August, one is scheduled for Capitan on September 28 at 1 p.m. at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds, and several more are planned.  Producers with an interest in or opinion on this issue are encouraged to attend one or more meetings and make their voices heard.  “I want to make it clear this is not a NMLB initiative, it’s a producer driven movement,” Wenzel noted.  “I commend Dr. Zimmerman for making this effort, and for trying to be responsive to producer requests.”

At the first meeting, held in Belen in August, attendees discussed a number of issues regarding the disease and testing requirements, including the need for producer participation and education, the cost of testing, the difficulty of enforcing a mandatory testing requirement, current research and potential vaccines, and more. 

Ultimately, any action the NMLB takes on this issue will depend on what comes out of these producer meetings.  Information from the meetings will be turned over to the NMLB’s existing Trich Committee, and if it becomes evident that changes to the current regulations need to be made, the committee will develop a proposal for the Livestock Board’s consideration.  “If summary opinion is that the program needs to be strengthened, we will work on a proposal, and mandatory testing may be a component,” Wenzel explained.  “If the summary opinion is that things are fine as they are, not much will change.”    

While testing for trich in New Mexico is not mandatory, many states do have mandatory testing and in those states cases of the disease have been greatly reduced and almost eradicated in some cases.   

The cost to producers of the disease is estimated at approximately $400 per head in an infected herd, Wenzel said.  “People are concerned about the cost of testing, but the biggest cost that comes with trich is production loss. This disease has a tremendous economic impact on cattle producers.” 

Wenzel said that producers came to the NMLB with their request because they feel that the current program is helpful, but holes still exist, he continued.  “It’s frustrating and expensive for ranchers to invest in testing, get their herds cleaned up, then be re-infected from an unknown source.  We have had good success controlling the disease where it is found but we have large areas of New Mexico where little to no testing has occurred, so the disease status of those areas is unknown.”



Aug 15 2018

Horse Program Success on Working Ranches…

King Ranch Institute For Ranch Management

Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Horse Program Success on Working Ranches: Strategic and Operational Decision Making

October 18-19, 2018; Kingsville, Texas

We’ve designed a symposium that will help you learn how successful ranches strategically use and manage horses to support cattle operations. The speakers for this event represent some of the most diverse ranches in the country, including:

  • Welch Cattle Company
  • Matador Ranch
  • Singleton Ranches
  • Sooner Cattle Company
  • Parker Ranch
  • King Ranch, Inc.
  • Four Sixes

Additional speakers include an agricultural attorney, ranch management consultant, and practicing veterinarians. A King Ranch Demonstration and Equine Tour will conclude the event, where we will learn about the past, present, and future of the King Ranch Horse Program and watch a lameness diagnosis and treatment lab.

Register today for your spot at the 15th Annual Holt Cat® Symposium on Excellence in Ranch Management held October 18-19 in Kingsville, Texas! Space is limited. 

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