Feb 20 2018

Gila National Forest Plan Revision

Survey on Land Adjustments

Message from Peak Facilitation Group:


Thank you for your continued interest in the Gila National Forest Plan Revision effort. As you may know, Peak Facilitation Group has been assisting the Gila planning team with planning, facilitation, and documentation of the Plan Revision community engagement process. We are excited to begin the next round of community conversations after the preliminary revised Forest Plan is released later this spring.

In the meantime, we would like to ask your assistance one more time, as we help the Gila team gather information to inform the revised Forest Plan. The Plan needs to address the process by which the Gila National Forest will pursue “land adjustments,” which are basically purchases, sales, donations, or exchanges of land to achieve other Forest goals, such as access, connectivity, etc. The Gila team would benefit from your thoughts about this issue. Toward that end, we have developed a short, online survey regarding criteria and other issues related to land adjustments.

If this is a topic of interest to you, we encourage you to click here  and share your perspective.

The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete, and all responses will be included in a written summary that Peak Facilitation will prepare for the Gila National Forest. This summary will be posted on the Gila Plan Revision web page. The survey will close on Friday, March 2, at 5 pm .

Nov 15 2017

EMNRD: Proposed Rule

New Mexico Register / Volume XXVIII, Issue 21 / November 14, 2017


The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department (EMNRD), Energy Conservation and Management Division is commencing a public comment period and will hold a public hearing on proposed rules for the new Geothermal Resources Development permitting program at 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 in Porter Hall, Wendell Chino Building, 1220 South Saint Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505.

In 2016, the Legislature passed the Geothermal Resources Development Act (GRDA). This Act transferred geothermal energy regulation from the Oil Conservation Division (OCD) to the Energy Conservation and Management Division (ECMD) of EMNRD. Therefore, ECMD needs to promulgate rules so that it can regulate geothermal energy exploration, development, and production. The proposed rules update the rules OCD promulgated in 1983. The passage of the GRDA also repealed the Geothermal Resources Conservation Act. Therefore, this rulemaking proposes to repeal parts of the existing Geothermal Power Rules – Title 19, Chapter 14 NMAC that were adopted pursuant to the now repealed Geothermal Resources Conservation Act.

As authorized by Section 71-9-6 of the Geothermal Resources Development Act, Section 71-9-1 et seq. NMSA 1978, EMNRD is proposing the following new rules governing the exploration, development, and production of geothermal resources:

19.11.1 NMAC, Geothermal Resources Development, General. This part sets forth general provisions including confidentiality of documents and transition provisions and definitions pertaining to the ECMD’s authority.

19.11.2 NMAC, Geothermal Resources Development, Permits. This part establishes requirements to obtain a permit prior to commencing exploration, development, and production of geothermal resources and establishes procedures for reviewing applications for geothermal well or facility permits or for the denial of permits.

19.11.3 NMAC, Geothermal Resources Development, Hearings. This part establishes procedures for hearings before the ECMD.

19.11.4 NMAC, Geothermal Resources Development, Construction and Operation. This part establishes construction requirements to ensure the exploration, development and production of geothermal resources is conducted in a manner that safeguards life, health, property, natural resources, environment, and public welfare, and to encourage maximum economic recovery and includes provisions regarding the drilling and plugging and abandoning of wells, construction and closure of pits, and disposal of waste.

EMNRD is also proposing the subsequent repeal of rules, 19.14.110 NMAC, Geothermal Power, Necessity for Hearing; through 19.14.131 NMAC, Geothermal Power, Rehearings, as those parts prescribe hearing procedures before the OCD and Oil Conservation Commission and the OCD no longer administers the permitting of exploration, development, and exploration of geothermal resources.

Copies of the proposed rules and the following technical information:

Utah regulation R655, Idaho regulation IDAPA 37.03.04 and Nevada regulation NAC 534A. US Environment Protection Agency guidance document, EPA 816-R-00-008 and study report EPA/816-R-99-014q, and US Environment Protection Agency regulations 40 CFR 124, 141, 144, 145, 146, and 147; that served as a basis for the proposed rule are available from EMNRD, Energy Conservation and Management Division, 1220 S. Saint Francis Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505; at http://www.emnrd.state.nm.us/ECMD/RenewableEnergy/geothermal.html; or by contacting Daren Zigich at darenk.zigich@state.nm.us; telephone (505) 476-3323.

All interested persons may participate in the hearing, and will be given an opportunity to submit relevant evidence, data, views, and arguments, orally or in writing.

Those wishing to comment on the proposed rules may make oral comments or submit written comments at the hearing or may submit written comments by January 3, 2018 by 5:00 p.m. by mail or e-mail. Please mail written comments to Daren Zigich, EMNRD, Energy Conservation and Management Division, 1220 South Saint Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 or submit them by e-mail to darenk.zigich@state.nm.us.

If you are an individual with a disability who needs a reader, amplifier, qualified sign language interpreter, or any other form of auxiliary aid or service to attend or participate in the hearing, please contact Daren Zigich at (505) 476-3323 or the New Mexico Relay Network at 1-800-659-1779 one week prior to the hearing. Public documents can be provided in various accessible formats. Please contact Daren Zigich at (505) 476-3323, if a summary or other type of accessible format is needed.

Nov 15 2017

Game Commision: Non-Navigable Water Proposed Rule

New Mexico Register / Volume XXVIII, Issue 21 / November 14, 2017


The New Mexico State Game Commission (“Commission”) has scheduled a regular meeting and rule hearing for Wednesday December 20, 2017, beginning at 9:00 a.m., at Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North, 5151 San Francisco Rd NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, to hear and consider action as appropriate on the following: Informational presentation and final action of proposed process for Landowner Certification of Non-Navigable Water;

Notice of Rulemaking

Proposed New Part in Rule

19.31.22 NMAC            Landowner Certification of Non-Navigable Water


The purpose is to add a Part 22, of Chapter 31, of Title 19 NMAC to establish a certification process by which landowners can register their legally-posted property(s) with the department that will identify portions of non-navigable waters that run through privately owned property.  This is a result from new language in statute §17-4-6 NMSA which was passed in the 2015 legislative session. 

Summary of the proposed new part in rule (19.31.22 NMAC) will include all required headings to include: Issuing Agency, Scope, Statutory Authority, Duration, Effective Date, Objective, Definitions, Certification Requirements, Written Determination and Recommendations by the Director, Notice of Written Determination and Requirements, Meeting Procedures, Judicial review and Final Vote.  The new Part in rule will identify language for the Department to establish a formal certification process by which landowners can submit to the Department an application which will recognize certain waters found on private property as non-navigable public waters and therefore trespass is not lawful unless prior written permission is received from the landowner.  Full text of the new rule will be available on the Department’s website (below).

Interested persons may submit comments on the new rule to dgf-fieldopscomments@state.nm.us ; or individuals may submit written comments to the physical address below.   Comments are due by 5:00 p.m. on December 19, 2017 when the final rule will be voted on by the Commission during a public meeting on December 20, 2017.  Interested persons may also provide data, views or arguments, orally or in writing, at the public rule hearing to be held on December 20, 2017.  Full copies of text of the proposed rule amendments, technical information related to proposed rule changes, and the agenda can be obtained from the Office of the Director, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, 1 Wildlife Way, P.O. Box 25112, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507, or from the Department’s website at www.wildlife.state.nm/commission/proposals-under-consideration/.  The agenda is subject to change up to 72 hours prior to the meeting.  Please contact the Director’s Office at (505) 476-8000, or the Department’s website at www.wildlife.state.nm.us for updated information.

If you are an individual with a disability who is in need of a reader, amplifier, qualified sign language interpreter, or any other form of auxiliary aid or service to attend or participate in the hearing or meeting, please contact the Department at (505) 476-8000 at least one week prior to the meeting or as soon as possible. Public documents, including the agenda and minutes, can be provided in various accessible formats. Please contact the Department at 505-476-8000 if a summary or other type of accessible format is needed.

Legal authority for this rulemaking can be found in the General Powers and Duties of the State Game Commission 17-1-14, et seq. NMSA 1978; Commission’s Power to establish rules and regulations 17-1-26, et seq. NMSA 1978.

Click here for full text of proposed rule.

Nov 07 2017

2017 Joint Stockmen’s Convention

The 2017 Joint Stockmen’s Convention (JSC) will be held November 30 to December 3 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Pre-registration Deadline November 15, 2017. No refunds.

Make your reservations early! A block of rooms has been reserved at the Crowne Plaza for a limited time at $81 plus tax per night. To make reservations call 1-866-384-4934. Ask for Joint Stockmen’s rate.

A limited amount of meal tickets will be sold at the convention, so please purchase tickets in advance.

2017 Convention Schedule

2017 Mail-in Registration Form

Please visit our store to register online.


Convention Speakers:


 Dr. Rolando Flores, NMSU College of ACES

Greg Hanes, Asst. VP International Marketing & Programs, USME

Frank Falen, Cheyenne, Wyoming



Cindy Buckmaster, PhD, CMAR, RLATG
Dr. Buckmaster is an active and passionate advocate for animal welfare and biomedical progress. She speaks regularly on the necessary role animals play in biomedical progress we continue to demand for ourselves and our animals and she educates audiences internationally about the highly trained Laboratory Animal Science professionals who have dedicated their lives to caring work with research animals and to the animal and human beneficiaries of the results of their work. Dr. Buckmaster completed her doctoral degree in Neurobiology and Behavior at SUNY Stony Brook, and is the Director of the research animal care program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. She serves on the boards of several research advocacy and professional organizations, including the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science, Americans for Medical Progress and the Texas Society for Biomedical Research. She writes a monthly public outreach column in the journal Lab Animal. Dr. Buckmaster is committed to educating the public on the distinction between animal welfare and animal rights and believes, wholeheartedly, that animals and people cannot survive without each other: she will draw her final breath defending the human-animal bond.

Nov 07 2017

Christmas Cowboy Style!

Event:   “CHRISTMAS . . . Cowboy Style!”

Event Date: Friday, December 1, 2017     

Event Time: 6:30 pm-9:30 pm

Tickets: $50 single ticket, $70 a couple.

Tickets available at the Registration Desk at the 2017 Joint Stockmen’s Convention or Call 505-247-0584

Activities: LIVE WESTERN MUSIC—New Mexico’s own, Double Shot

LIVE AUCTION—Randy Summers-Auctioneer Extraordinaire

FOOD STATIONS—Enjoy a variety of tasty offerings

Call TODAY to reserve your tickets 505-247-0584

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