Nov 08 2016

Ag Community Seeks Self-Insured Group for WCC

wc_sig_nmcga_brochureNew Mexico law now clearly requires that agricultural producers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance, according to New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association (NMCGA) President Pat Boone, Elida.

“While there may be some attempt to change things in the 2017 Legislature,” Boone said, “agricultural businesses are required to have the coverage NOW.”

Workers’ comp insurance for the ranching industry can be as low as $9.00 to $11.00 per $100 of wages, Boone reported, but after one claim, ranchers are paying $18 per $100 and higher in the state’s high risk pool. It is less for farms, but it is still a hit that nobody can afford to take.

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Nov 07 2016

Pharmaceutical Use in Cattle – Online Course

Presented by West Texas A&M University

The course will equip persons involved in the management, administration, distribution or sale of pharmaceuticals used in cattle to maximize therapeutic outcomes, prevent drug-related problems and protect the wholesomeness of the food supply chain.

Graduate and undergraduate students throughout the country can easily access this web-based course to gain up-to-date information and training in veterinary labeled drugs, animal disease states, regulatory issues and public health topics.

Upon completing this course, students will have knowledge and skills that can positively impact educational, veterinary and economic outcomes by applying their drug knowledge resources to veterinary situations. 

This 3-credit hour online course is ideal for students majoring in; animal science, dairy science, feedyard/ranch management, ag education, ag communication, meat science, veterinary technology, and pre-veterinary medicine. Students are welcome to take the course on an individual basis and transfer the elective credit back to their home school.

Registration for the spring 2017 course begins immediately and closes the first week of class.  The course begins January 17, 2017.  The course is offered every spring, summer and fall semesters.

For information on course objectives, dates, syllabus, tuition or registration instructions visit

For questions on this one-of-a-kind course contact the instructor, Elaine Blythe, PharmD. 

Your assistance in disseminating this unique educational opportunity would be greatly appreciated. 

Elaine Blythe, PharmD
Adjunct, West Texas A&M University, Agricultural Sciences
Adjunct, University of Florida, College of Pharmacy
Associate Professor of Veterinary Pharmacology
St. Matthew’s University, School of Veterinary Medicine
Grand Cayman Island, BWI
Certified Online Instructor
Veterinary Pharmacist to NVRT
Facebook: Pharmaceutical Use in Cattle

Nov 05 2016

Are YOU Registered Yet?

Get registered for the 2016 Joint Stockmen’s Convention slated for December 1 through 4 at the Crowne Plaza in Albuquerque quick. The Early Bird Deadline is November 21 and rooms at the Crowne are going fast!  You can now register online at

And here’s a look at this year’s schedule      

Oct 24 2016

Scholarship Deadline!

Cattle Growers/Purina Mills’ Scholarship Deadline Approaching

November 1, 2016, is the deadline to apply for the annual scholarships awarded by Purina Mills and the New Mexico Cattle Growers Association’s (NMCGA’s) Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Committee (YCLC).

“We are pleased to be able to offer these scholarships once again, and appreciate Purina Mills and our Allied Industries Committee making it possible,” said Pat Boone, NMCGA President, Elida.  “We have some great young people in New Mexico agriculture, and want help them as much as possible as they look to the future.” 

The $1,000 Purina Mills scholarship will be awarded to a New Mexico student who is a member of the NMCGA, the New Mexico Junior Cattle Growers Association, or the child of an NMCGA member.  Graduating high school seniors, and college freshmen, sophomores and juniors in good academic standing are eligible to apply for the award.  In addition, the Young Cattlemen’s Leadership Committee and the Allied Industries Committee will also be presenting two $500 scholarships – one to a high school senior and one to a continuing college student – at this same time.

“College can be very expensive for students and their families.  We are pleased to be able to offer these scholarships and encourage all eligible students to apply,” Boone said.  “We want to help NMCGA members and their families continue their education and hopefully return to the agriculture business.”

The three scholarships will be presented to the top three applicants during the Joint Stockmen’s Convention slated for December 1 through December 4, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque.

For more information please contact the NMCGA office at 505.247.0584 or via email at

Download Application here.


Resources & Forms

   Showmanship Contest Form      NM Breeders Classic      Purina Mills Scholarship Form   

  • Two-stepping at the Joint Stockmen's Convention

    Two-stepping at the Joint Stockmen's Convention

    Was love in the air? The Richardson and Perry kids seem to think so at the 2015 Joint Stockmen's Convention.
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  • Showmanship Winners

    Showmanship Winners

  • Showmanship Winners

    Showmanship Winners

  • The Future is in Good Hands

    The Future is in Good Hands

  • Showin' 'em how its done ...

    Showin' 'em how its done ...

    The Sauble and Perry family's are starting out life right dancing at the 2015 JRC Awards Dinner.
  • Showing a Prize Heifer

    Showing a Prize Heifer

  • Young Ranchers Contemplating

    Young Ranchers Contemplating

  • Natalie Communes with the Herd

    Natalie Communes with the Herd

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Oct 20 2016

Fact Check Website in Response to GMO Disinformation Campaign

Biotech claims of GMO safety undercut by widespread contamination, unforeseen mutations and independent research

The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH-USA) is pushing back against the biotech industry’s disinformation campaign about the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by releasing its expanded GMO Fact Check informational website.

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