Cattlegrowers Foundation   

Cattlegrowers Foundation Memorials Board


Phil H. Bidegain, Tucumcari, Chairman
Linda Davis, Cimarron, Vice President
Kay Payne, Roswell, Secretary
Laura Hall, Albuquerque, Treasurer

Board Members

John Conniff, Las Cruces
Nikki Hooser, Springer
Tom Mobley, Dona Ana  
Bob McCrea, Roswell

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Cattlegrowers Foundation Donors

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Linda Davis
Nikki Hooser
Bill & Carol Humphries
T.E. Mitchell & Son, Inc.
Ted & Judy Rush
Tom Mobley, Jr.
Barbara Marks
Thal Ranch
Mike and Jennifer Corn
Sue English
Bernard and Harlan Groeneweg
LaVar and Anita Larson
Shacey Sullivan
Larry and Carolyn Bedford
Pinnell Cattle Co.
Gooding Ltd. Partnership
Craig and Linda Cosner
Bob and Jane Frost
Maxine, Danny and Tommy Wallace
Bob and Mary Ann West
A.S. Elliott
Roger Friedman
R.L. Cauble
Betty Nutt
Don and Abby Hofman
Morgan and Martha Roberts

James Williams
Arizona Community Foundation
Alton J. Munson
New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association
Jeff Menges
Conniff F Cross Farm
DTMC Limited
Helen Hathorn
Hennighausen & Olson, LLP
David and Joan Kincaid
Robyn and Robert McCrea
Yvonne Oliver
Tom and Kay Payne
Jerry Schickendanz
Mary Ward
New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau
Tommy & Sarah Burns
Mike Casabonne
Jack Huning
Nancy Schmierback
Pat & Cindy Boone
Hage & Webb Land & Cattle, Inc.
Justin and Donna Yazzie
Bill C. Stoval
Calder and Candy Ezzell
Ray and Karen Westall
Alisa Ogden 

Multimin Health

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