Nov 08 2019

NEW MEXICO STATE GAME COMMISSION Meeting / November 21 / Roswell

We are working on written comments to submit on the cougar rule and will have them out soon.

We also need a packed room at the meeting. Please go, take your family and friends!!!

While not on this agenda, there is great effort to eliminate the law that was passed in the last few years ago clarifying that streambeds are private property and cannot be trespassed on.

NEW MEXICO STATE GAME COMMISSION / Thursday, November 21, 2019 / 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Roswell Game & Fish Office 1615 West College Blvd Roswell, NM 88201

Public testimony and comment:

All those interested in providing oral comments are encouraged to prepare a “Speaker’s Card” for each item on which they will comment. These cards assist the Commission Chair to manage more effective public communication. Comments may be allowed on each item at the Commission Chair’s discretion, regardless of card completion. Those who desire to address the Commission and who claim to represent an organization must provide the following information: the number of members in the organization, frequency of the organization’s meeting and either a signed statement from that organization’s president that states the organization has discussed the topic and approved the position that the representative is presenting, or proof that they are a registered lobbyist for the organization. No props or costumes will be permitted in the meeting room.

AGENDA ITEM NO.11: Subsequent Discussion on the Trapping and Furbearer Rule Presented by Stewart Liley – The Department will have a subsequent discussion on potential amendments to the Trapping and Furbearer Rule.
PUBLIC RULE HEARING OPEN All individuals wishing to provide comment or submit information at the rule making hearing are required to prepare a “Speaker’s Card” and sign in on the “Sign in Sheet” for the specific Hearing Item for each item on which they will provide comment on prior to commencement of the hearing item. Individuals must state their name and any relevant affiliation for the record and to be recognized before presenting by the hearing officer. The individual providing information or comment at the hearing may be questioned by the hearing officer or other members of the Commission.
HEARING ITEM NO. 2a (Informational):
Rule Making Hearing on the Final Bear and Cougar Rule – 19.31.11 NMAC. Presented by Stewart Liley – The Department will present the final Bear and Cougar Rule (19.31.11 NMAC) which has a 4 year cycle and will expire on March 31, 2020.


AGENDA ITEM NO. 12: General Public Comments (Comments Limited to 2 Minutes per speaker and overall General Public Comments limited to a total of 30 minutes. At the conclusion of 30 minutes, General Public Comment will end. Individuals may only make comment during one of the two scheduled Public Comment items.)

Click Here for full meeting agenda