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1 year/12 issues $19.95
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Arizona Edition 1 year/12 issues $19.95
2 years/24 issues $29.95

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Please allow 4-6 weeks for new subscriptions to begin. Order online from this page or email your name, mailing address, phone number and subscription needs to []  and indicate how you would like us to bill you.

Rates are as follows:
New Mexico Stockman 1 Year, 12 Issues $19.95 2 Years, 24 Issues $29.95
New Mexico Stockman / AZ Ed. 1 Year, 12 Issues $19.95 2 Years, 24 Issues $29.95

REFUND & RETURN POLICY Subscriptions may be canceled at any time with written request for cancellation and refund of remaining portion of subscription.


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