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Voice of the beef industry in New Mexico since 1914. Members in 32 counties and 19 states, representing cattlemen from the Roundhouse in Santa Fe to the halls of Congress. Wherever the arena - regulatory, statutory or the courts - NMCGA is there.


Advancing and protecting the cattle industry of New Mexico, working toward solutions for cattle industry problems, & providing an official and united voice on issues of importance to the cattle producers and feeders.


Advancing & protecting the cattle industry of New Mexico; promoting the well being of the industry; creating & maintaining an economic climate, providing members of the Association opportunity to obtain optimum return on their investment.
Photo by Connie Mitchell at Singleton Ranches


The NMCGA, established in 1914 to assist livestock producers in the state of New Mexico, has worked faithfully to ensure their rights are protected over its 100 year history. That tradition continues today with members in 20 states and all 33 New Mexico counties.
Photo by Connie Mitchell at Singleton Ranches


Cattlemen’s College, New Mexico State University Short Course, Cattlemen’s Leadership Committee, & the Jr. Cattle Growers’ Association are some of the activities the NMCGA is involved with & supports emerging industry leaders.
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New Mexico Ranchers Urged to Prepare for Wildfire Season

If you are able to provide locations for displaced livestock, feed, potential transportation, or other resources please click the link below and fill our the support survey so that our office can begin to compile a list of contacts and resources when the need arises. Please submit your information if you can be of assistance to wildfire victims. 

Click Here for Support Survey

With fires already burning in northern New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma, New Mexico ranchers are encouraged to make preparations now for what could be a long and severe 2018 wildfire season.

“It’s only March, but we are being told by the National Weather Service and U.S. Forest Service that we are in for an unusually bad fire season,” said Tom Sidwell, New Mexico Cattle Growers Association (NMCGA) president, Quay.  “Thanks to a warm, relatively dry winter, conditions across the state are unfortunately perfect for wildfires, and they have gotten an early start.”

 The Stateline Fire burning in Union County, north of Clayton, New Mexico, was estimated as of March 10 to be at 21,253 acres, of which 7,160 acres has crossed over into Colorado. The fire has also crossed from New Mexico into Cimarron County in Oklahoma, making it one of the few fires that have burned in three states.

In Oklahoma, seventeen of more than 100 wildfires are still burning. At least 60 homes have been destroyed or damaged by the fires.  There are at least six people dead and a lot of livestock has burned or has been destroyed due to burns.

Agencies have asked the NMCGA to start looking at locations for displaced livestock, feed and potential transportation.  “We would like to start a list of our resources in the NMCGA office so that if and when the need arises we can respond immediately,” Sidwell noted.  “If you are willing to help out, please let us know where you are and what you can do.  Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.”

Range fires are unpredictable, destructive and dangerous, he said, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  “Above all else, please be safe.  In the past couple of years, two NMCGA board members have been badly burned fighting fire, with one fire claiming a life.”

The NMCGA has represented the beef industry in New Mexico and the West since 1914 and has members in all 33 of the state’s counties as well as some 14 other states. The Association participates in venues necessary to protect beef producers and private property rights including litigation, state and federal legislation and regulatory affairs.  

For further information, contact:  Caren Cowan

505.247.0584 phone / email




  • Joe Bill Nunn- 2017 Cattleman of the Year

    Joe Bill Nunn- 2017 Cattleman of the Year

    (l to r) (back) Shacey Sullivan, Beverly Merritt, Rex Wilson, (front row) Wynn, Lauren, and Joe Bill Nunn, Mitch Selking, Al Porter, both with Farm Credit of New Mexico and CoBank; Michelle, Justin, Kelsey and Tristen Nunn.
  • Makayla Andrews - 2017 Purina Mills Scholarship Winner

    Makayla Andrews - 2017 Purina Mills Scholarship Winner

    Makayla Andrews accepts her scholarship award from Denton Dowell, Young Cattlemen's Leadership Committee (YCLC) Chairman.
  • Carolyn Chance- 2017 Cowbelle Woman of the Year Award

    Carolyn Chance- 2017 Cowbelle Woman of the Year Award

  • Ray Keller - 2017 Ayundando Siempre Alli Award Winner

    Ray Keller - 2017 Ayundando Siempre Alli Award Winner

    Ray Keller (left) accepts his award from former NMCGA President Pat Boone.
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  • YCLC
  • King Memorial
  • Eppers Memorial
  • Ayudando
  • Ranch Family
  • COY

YCLC Scholarship

  • Makayla Andrews, Peralta
  • Kellan Bennett, Hope
  • Kasyn Creighton,Elida
  • John Davis, Springer
  • YCLC Showmanship

  • Bailey Waldrop, Moriarty
  • Kaydens Koenig, Mesilla Park
  • Cabree Mullins, Aztec
  • Past Bruce & Alice King Service Memorial Award Winners

  • 2009, Chuck Stocks, Albuquerque
  • 2010, Frank DuBois, Las Cruces
  • 2011, Linda Davis, Cimarron
  • 2012, Timothy Jennings, Roswell
  • 2012, Andy Nunez, Hatch
  • 2013, David Abbey, Santa Fe
  • 2014, New Mexico Department of Agriculture
  • 2015, Woods Houghton, Carlsbad
  • 2016, Donna Irwin, Deming
  • Past Bud Eppers Memorial “Bud’s Contract” Award Winners

  • 2001 Frank DuBois, Las Cruces
  • 2002 John Fowler, Ph.D. Las Cruces
  • 2003 Howard Hutchinson Glenwood
  • 2004 Ron White, Monticello
  • 2005 Caren Cowan, Albuquerque
  • 2006 Karen Budd-Falen, Cheyenne, WY
  • 2007 Chris Allison, Mesilla Park
  • 2008 Mike Casabonne, Hope
  • 2009 Lewis Derrick, Artesia
  • 2010 Alice Eppers, Roswell
  • 2011 Nick Ashcroft, Las Cruces
  • 2012 Dr. Jerry Schickedanz, Las Cruces
  • 2013 Dr. Sam Smallidge, Las Cruces
  • 2014 Laura Schneberger, Winston
  • 2015 Les Owens, Las Cruces
  • 2016 Jeff Witte, Las Cruces
  • Past Ayudando Siempre Alli Award Winners

  • 1994, Governor Bruce & Mrs. Alice King, Stanley
  • 1995, Huling “Jupe” Means, Buckhorn
  • 1996, G. B. Oliver, III, Alamoogordo
  • 1997, George Clark, Albuquerque
  • 1998, G. X. McSherry, Deming
  • 1999, Howard Hutchinson, Santa Fe
  • 2000, Rachel Thomas, Huachua City, AZ
  • 2001, Dr. Steve England, Edgewood
  • 2002, Joan Park, Capitan
  • 2003, Karen Budd-Falen, Cheyenne, WY
  • 2004, Chuck Stocks, Albuquerque
  • 2005, Joe Delk, Mesilla
  • 2006, Joe Stell, Carlsbad
  • 2007, Laurie Schneberger, Winston
  • 2008, Tim Cox, Bloomfield
  • 2009, Jeff Witte, Las Cruces
  • 2010, Larry Dominguez, Las Cruces
  • 2011, Andrea Buzzard, Santa Fe
  • 2012, Clint Harden, Clovis
  • 2013, Dennis Bridgers, Rio Rancho
  • 2014, New Mexico Cowbelles
  • 2015, Farm Credit of New Mexico
  • 2016, Gordon Meeks, Santa Fe
  • Past Ranch Families of the Year

  • 2000, Tequesquite Ranch, Albert, NM
  • 2001, T4 Ranch, Tucumcari, NM
  • 2002, Bell Ranch Bell Ranch, NM
  • 2003, Lee Ross Hammond Family, Clovis, NM
  • 2004, Singleton, Elida, NM
  • 2005, The Wilson Family, Carrizozo, NM
  • 2006, The Grau Family, Grady, NM
  • 2007, The Chacon Family, Espanola, NM
  • 2008, The Copeland Family, Nara Vista, NM
  • 2009, Bob Frost Family, San Jon, N
  • 2010, Joe Delk Family, Mesilla Park, NM
  • 2011, Milford Denteclaw Family, Shiprock, NM
  • 2015, Bill King Family, Stanley
  • 2016, Boe Lopez Family, Springer
  • 2017, Manzano Angus Ranches – The Gardner Family, Yeso
  • Past Cattleman of the Year Winners

  • 1952, George Ellis, Bell Ranch
  • 1953, George Cureton, Lordsburg
  • 1954, Prof. John Knox, University Park
  • 1955, J.L. Doak, Grenville
  • 1956, Mrs. Linda Lambert, Mosquero
  • 1957, A.B. Cox, Las Cruces
  • 1958, A.D. Brownfield, Deming
  • 1959, George A. Godfrey, Animas
  • 1960, Lee R. Hammond, Clovis
  • 1961, G.W. Evans, Magdalena
  • 1962, Lee S. Evans, Laguna
  • 1963, Albert K. Mitchell, Albert
  • 1964, Marshall Sellman, Albuquerque
  • 1965, Floyd W. Lee, San Mateo
  • 1966, J.C. Neafus, Newkirk
  • 1967, Joe Pankey, Truth or Consequences
  • 1968, Alvin M. Stockton, Raton
  • 1969, Sherwood Culberson, Lordsburg
  • 1970, Noel Rankin, Silver City
  • 1971, W.O. Culbertson, Jr., Las Vegas
  • 1972, George Pendleton, Animas
  • 1973, R.E. Pankey, Truth or Consequences
  • 1974, Fred Daugherty, Clovis
  • 1975, Bill Littrell, Cimarron
  • 1976, J.L. Les Davis, Cimarron
  • 1977, Jasper Koontz, Corrales
  • 1978, Ike Wiggins, Wagon Mound
  • 1979, Jerry Clayton, Lovington
  • 1980, A.F. (Frank) Flint, Bard
  • 1981, Charlie T. Lee, Alamogordo
  • 1982, Von Cain, Mountainair
  • 1983, Dick Snyder, Clayton
  • 1984, Jiggs Dinwiddie, Jal
  • 1984, Tom Lineberry, Kermit, Texas
  • 1985, Edith Pankey, Truth or Consequences
  • 1986, Bob Jones, Crow Flat
  • 1987, Phillip Bidegain, Tucumcari
  • 1988, H.W. (Bud) Eppers, Roswell
  • 1989, Don Hofman, Tucumcari
  • 1990, Linda Davis, Cimarron
  • 1991, Peter T. Mocho, Belen
  • 1992, Felicia Thal, Buena Vista
  • 1993, F.F. (Chano) & Stella Montoya, La Plata
  • 1994, Ben & Jane Cain, Truth or Consequences
  • 1995, Frank Dubois, Las Cruces
  • 1996, Huling Jupe Means, Buckhorn
  • 1997, Rob Cox, Organ
  • 1998, William Humphries, Lindrith
  • 1999, Rusty Tinnin, Bell Ranch
  • 2000, Oliver (Sato)Lee, Mountainair
  • 2001, Bob & Jane Frost, San Jon
  • 2002, Don Cullum, Bakersfield, CA
  • 2003, R.C. (Dick) Manning, Deming
  • 2004, Joe & Vivian Culbertson, Amistad
  • 2005, Jimmy R. Bason, Hillsboro
  • 2006, Phil H. Bidegan, Tucumcari
  • 2007, Gretchen Sammis, Cimarron
  • 2008, Don L Bebo Lee, Alamogordo
  • 2009, Wesley Grau, Grady
  • 2010, Bill King, Stanley
  • 2011, Bob Rickelfs, Cimarron
  • 2012, Bill Sauble, Maxwell
  • 2013, Sterling Spencer, Carrizozo
  • 2014, Alisa Ogden, Loving
  • 2015, Bert Ancell, Wagon Mound
  • 2016, Rex Wilson, Carrizozo
  • The Annual Directory of New Mexico Agriculture


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